1. Is life as a translator anything like your comic?
Sometimes, but I'm actually leaving out most of the good parts. The great things about being a translator don't make for as good comic material as impossible deadlines, isolation, difficult clients, etc.

2. May I post your Tina and Mouse comic strips in my blog?
Please feel free to post my comic strips in your website or blog. Please note the following restrictions to their use: (1) the strips should be published as they are (individual panels may not be published on their own, and the panels' contents may not be modified in any way); (2) please include a link to http://www.tina-and-mouse.com.

3. Where can I get a mouse like Mouse?
Mouse is a 2003 model manufactured and sold by Grüntech, Inc., a Grünland-based company. You may acquire later models, but not the 2003 one, which was withdrawn from the market in 2004 because of complaints from some of the owners that it seemed to "have a life of its own".

4. Do you work in your pyjamas like Tina?
I do not work in my pyjamas, but comic-wise that’s not much fun at all, so Tina does. I got the idea from a freelance translator I was told about who prided himself in not having gotten dressed for work one single day in twenty years.

5. Do you spend as much time as Tina choosing between two perfectly identical synonyms?
I believe there’s no such thing as two perfectly identical synonyms, so I’m afraid I do.

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